As the American population becomes increasingly diverse, it is essential that the nursing workforce reflect the changing population, in order to provide quality care.

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Task Force Objectives

  1. Focus on students pursuing pre-nursing or nursing as a second career education. The goal is diversifying the nursing workforce by engaging students, parents and the community to build an infrastructure that assists students in developing the skills necessary for nursing school.
  2. Focus on student nurses. Goals include exploring diversity and inclusion curricula, establishing student nurse mentee/mentor relationships and associated training, creating toolkits and exercises, utilizing social media to communicate important messages and success stories and holding a conference related to diversity and inclusion in nursing.
  3. Focus on early employment support. Goals include researching and leveraging best practices, including recruitment, retention, nurse residency, orientation and workplace diversity/inclusion training. In addition, identify barriers to inclusion and retention and propose solutions.
  4. Focus on nursing leadership and succession planning. Goals include providing education, resources and toolkits to fully support, implement and cultivate diversity and inclusion in Indiana nursing through coordination of resources from professional nursing leadership organizations, development of healthy work environments, leadership training on culture, diversity, and inclusion; workforce development, concentrated on graduate and post-graduate education, and succession planning.