Under the direction of its Board of Directors, ICN formulates strategic plans to build the future of nursing in Indiana. We strive to create an education and practice environment that will make Indiana a destination state for nursing practice. We welcome the support and expertise of individuals and organizations. Join our work!

ICN Strategic Priorities

•One Voice, One Center for Indiana Nursing
•Design Indiana Nursing’s Future
•Build Indiana Nursing Workforce to Position Nurses as Leaders in Promoting Health
•Nursing Scholarships and Tuition Assistance
•Education – Practice Alliances
•Increase Diversity in Nursing to Reflect Population of the State

2017-2018 Strategic Plan

Join a committee or task force

Individual volunteers strengthen Indiana’s nursing workforce by participating in ICN committees and task forces. To volunteer for one of the committees below, or to discuss your options, please contact us at  info@ic4n.org or 317.574.1325

Involved with issues, programs, pipeline and educational mobility initiatives, clinical placement and partnerships related to the education of the current and future nursing workforce
Focuses on issues, programs, events and partnerships related to nursing practice and impact of the nursing workforce
Addresses activities related to fundraising and fundraising events, scholarship, grant writing, and philanthropic relationship building
Data Resources
Focuses on data collection activities related to Indiana’s education, supply and demand nursing data set; research, analysis and distribution activities
Leadership Development
Develops and sustains regional partnerships, memberships and other activities that will ensure a cohesive state nursing center. Oversees the accuracy of the website, public policy related to nursing workforce issues, legislative and/or regulatory initiatives that impact nursing education and practice, communication and corporate image
Diversity and Inclusion Task Force
Committed to the strategic goal of increasing diversity in Indiana’s nursing workforce to better reflect the state’s population.

Become a member organization

We invite all eligible organizations to join ICN. Eligible organizations include healthcare institutions and delivery settings, organizations that employ nurses, professional and healthcare associations, accredited schools of nursing, government entities, private industry and advocacy organizations. The Board of Directors must approve any organization seeking membership.

2017 Membership Fee Structure

2017 Membership Commitment Form

Benefits of membership

• ICN is recognized as the single, unified voice for Indiana nursing. We bring together leaders in nursing practice, education and business to identify and impact nursing issues.

• We are a co-lead of the Indiana Action Coalition (IAC), chosen by the Center to Champion Nursing in America to implement the national recommendations from the Institute of Medicine’s report, The Future of Nursing. IAC has gained national recognition for its ability to build a statewide initiative to identify and implement innovative reform in the areas of inter-professional education and practice, patient safety, nursing education and nursing practice. ICN is the nationally recognized site for Indiana data related to the education, supply and demand for nurses today and in the future.

• ICN compiles and lists up-to-date information on Indiana’s fully accredited nursing programs, both undergraduate and graduate.

• We are Indiana’s premiere center for philanthropic support of nursing education at the undergraduate and graduate level, providing scholarships to students enrolled in nursing programs throughout the state. Since 2011, ICN has distributed $440,000 in scholarship money to its member schools.

• We work through public and private grantors to seek the financial support to conduct research and develop programs designed to address nursing education and practice issues throughout the state.

• Our memberships and partnerships encompass not only recognized state and national leaders in nursing, but also leaders from the broader community who have a stake in shaping the future of healthcare.

• ICN will continue to develop as a robust clearinghouse for the latest trends and issues related to Indiana healthcare and its largest provider workforce – nursing.

For more information, please contact us at info@ic4n.org or 317-574-1325